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The standard Seam Heater can heat an area of one foot wide by 16 feet long when opened to its operating position. It has four separate, four-foot heating sections that can be turned on and off independent from one another.

This unit also has a versatile design that allows it to be attached to a variety of pavers on either side. This unit is also available with the optional automatic thermal output control, which has the capability of maintaining a joint temperature of 250 degrees at paving speeds up to 25 feet per minute on an average day.

This unit is typically used during the paving process to heat a previously laid asphalt mat’s edge while the paver lays its adjoining hot mix. Projects they are being used on include; highways, roads, parking lots, night work, airport taxiway, and runways.


Heating Area: 16 Linear FT
Dimensions: L= 112" (transport) 214” (operating) W= 49" (transport) 33” (operating) H= 41" (transport) 33” (operating)
Weight: 855 lbs.
Options: Manual (battery-paver-motion controls) Automatic (same as manual plus automatic temperature regulation & individual box controls)
Heating Time: Avg. 25 FT/Min @ 250°F
Fuel Consumption: At least 2 hrs per 4 gallons of LP
Usage: Reheating cold paving joints, stamping extended borders, blending uneven seams.

Heater Features

  • One step operation
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Short heating times
  • Light weight design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Low-power requirements
  • Built-in battery charger