Asphalt Reheat Systems

Innovation Through Dedication

Asphalt Reheat Systems, LLC is an innovative company that is dedicated to helping you and your business become more successful with the use of our patented asphalt heating technology. David R. Strassman, owner of ARS, has been an asphalt paving contractor for over 40 years with his company DRS LTD: Asphalt Paving.

The original heaters that he developed years ago were created for reheating pavement in asphalt stamping applications. Since the original units were designed, his product line has grown to serve many areas of the asphalt industry. All of the Asphalt Reheat System units use radiant blue-flame technology, which is a type of heat applied to the asphalt surface that we know is superior because the flame color is indicative of it’s temperature & output & efficiency to the standard infrared heaters. This rolling blue flame system was developed to specifically help reduce fuel consumption while eliminating overheating risks and burning of the asphalt. The heaters are considered by many who have used them as the most versatile units on the market.

ARS currently builds heaters that can be used on any type of patching or repair work as well as all stamped asphalt applications. We also offer a variety of seam heating units that help to eliminate a paver’s cold joint problem. ARS has hundreds of heaters being used and tested daily across the United States, as well as several units in Canada, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and South America. Many asphalt contractors are finding our heaters as a necessity for anyone in the paving industry. To learn more information on how we can possibly help your business improve profits for this season, contact us with your questions or interests today.


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