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1×4 Portable Unit

1×4 Portable Unit
1×4 Portable Unit
1×4 Portable Unit

Portable Heaters

These are the smallest heating units on the market and not to mention the lightest, a mere 75 lbs. The quality of heat out-performs all hand torches and not to mention eliminates the need for a worker to operate a torch during the heating process.

The unit not only heats 1×4 foot area, but can be pinned to a second 1×4 heater to operate as a 1×8 and a 2×4 unit. The switch between operating modes is made easy and tool-free, by changing wheel bracket positions. The 1×4 Heaters are exceptionally good for smoothing joints to a seamless patch, fixing drainage problems, erasing tire indentations and printing stamped asphalt borders.

Full Specs

Heating Area: 4 SQ FT
Dimensions: L=63" W=30" H=39" (Assembled)
Weight: 75 lbs. (w/o fuel tank)
Options: Standard, High Output or Attachments for 1x8 & 2x4 Portable Operation
Heating Time: Avg. surface pliable in < 5 Min.
Fuel Consumption: At least 5 hrs of operation per 4 gallons of LP or one 20# tank.
Usage: Blending Seams, Fixing Drainage, Erasing Scuffmarks and Tire dents, etc.

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1×4 Portable Unit

1×4 Portable Unit